Tutorial Instructor

  • Introductory Microeconomics

    • Fall 2014 (4.65/5), Fall 2015 (4.91/5)

  • Introductory Macroeconomics

    • Winter 2015 , Winter 2016

  • Tutorial Teaching Assistant of the Year (2014-2015), among cohort of 22

Student Evaluation Sample Comments

  • "Fred covers the right material and is very passionate about economics and for his students to do well"

  • "Fred is clearly interested in the success of his students."

  • "I think the tutorial can be 2 hours rather than 1 hour, because my TA explains almost everything in a clear way, which helps me a lot"

  • "Liu is a great TA. His teaching encourages us to learn more about economic. He is also a nice person, he is always more than welcome to answer our question."

  • "I like Tutorials since it's really relaxing and my TA does a great job at explaining concepts which I missed or didn't quite catch in lectures."

  • "I think my TA is the best one I ever met, and the tutorials are very useful"

  • "He's very enthusiastic and tries to get everyone involved"

  • "Fred is very clear and concise when he teaches the material and he also gives out chocolates when you participate in class."

  • "Everything is well prepared, organized, and useful."

  • "Tutorials help me to understand concepts more clearly through working on questions."

  • "Liu's tutorial class is good and helpful for us."

Teaching Assistant

  • Intermediate Microeconomics

  • Urban Economics