Research Interests

Financial Econometrics, Machine Learning, Asset Pricing, Risk Management, Big Data


Canadian Citizen with U.S permanent residency


  1. Regulatory Capital and Incentives for Risk Model Choice under Basel 3 (Joint), Journal of Financial Econometrics, forthcoming. Presented at the European Central Bank.

  2. Intraday Market Predictability: A Machine Learning Approach (Joint), Journal of Financial Econometrics, conditionally accepted. Invited by the Chief Editors.

I am a sixth-year PhD candidate in Economics at Western University. My primary fields of interest reside within the intersection of financial econometrics, machine learning, asset pricing, and risk management. I have one (joint) publication on Basel 3 market risk and its regulatory capital implications, for which I have been invited to present by the European Central Bank. I have a conditionally accepted (joint) machine learning paper that predicts intraday market returns, which was invited by the chief editors of the Journal of Financial Econometrics. In my job market paper, I Introduce a new measure of idiosyncratic tail risk using a high-frequency factor model, and theoretically demonstrate its time-aggregation properties and robustness to microstructure noise. I then resolve the idiosyncratic tail risk premium puzzle using my new measure and reveal its common factor.

Click here for a link to my research. I will be on the 2020-2021 job market.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at or 1-519-590-2232.